Welcome to ABER PHYSICS!

The student-written Journal fromAberystwyth University’s physics department, IMAPCS. 

All content in the ABER PHYSICS is written entirely by students in STEM subjects and acts as a platform for them to gain scientific journalism experience and write about the science subjects they love.

Although science journalism has been around for a long time it has recently made a resurgence, mostly due to popular science on online platforms such as YouTube, blogs and podcasts.

This has opened up a whole new world of job prospects, with companies such as New scientist, SFX magazine,IOP, BBC, Discovery channel, tech companies and more all needing people that can explain complex scientific topics in fun and engaging ways, not just to the scientific community but to interest those with little scientific background.

If you’d like to be a part of this exciting new project please send your Aber email to so we can keep you updated on upcoming writing opportunities.

We assign writing opportunities on a first come first serve basis (that way we don’t have people writing multiples of the same article). This also means you’ll have to commit to writing the piece, but we’ll give you some advice and help to get you started.